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It’s been a while, but this Imbolc has spurred me on to change things up a little…

The interwoven or interlaced cros Bríde

New page: The interwoven or interlaced cros Bríde

When I began overhauling the website back in 2015, I added some new content, including a page on how to make the cros Bríde. That page gives a little background and context to the tradition, including an overview of the different types of cross. Since there are plenty of guides, slideshows and videos online that show you how to make the four-armed style of cross, I decided to link to a bunch of those and concentrate on putting together an illustrated how-to guide on how to make a three-armed version there instead. It seems like a lot of Gaelic Polytheists prefer the ‘triskele’ style of cross (for obvious reasons, I suppose) and from what I’ve seen it’s been increasing in popularity in recent years elsewhere, too. In my experience, it’s a little easier to make, as well.

It’s nice to change things up, though, so this year I decided to try my hand at making a different style of cross yet again – this one is the ‘interwoven’ or ‘interlaced’ style of cross, which I think is beautiful and reminiscent of Celtic knotwork… Since the original page I did is long enough as it is, I decided I’d add a completely new page for the illustrated guide to making the interwoven cross. I’ve also taken the opportunity to clear up the first page and correct or clarify a bit that could have been stated more clearly.

(It’s also worth noting that I’ve cleaned up some of the Gaelic on various pages in recent months – my apologies for the terrible typos, like “glucose” instead of “gliocas,” but my computer seems to insist on “correcting” things it shouldn’t and I didn’t notice for a long while!)

As always I hope you find the new page useful, along with the rest of it!