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New Page: Articles

Welcome to Tairis: Gaelic PolytheismAfter initially deciding to scrap the “Article Downloads” page during the great migration last year, I finally came around to the idea of re-doing it – updating, expanding, and reformatting the page.

Since I originally added the “Article Downloads” page, JSTOR has opened up to individuals and non-academics/students, and Academia.edu has gone a long way to make academic articles more accessible. That means there’s way more knowledge at our fingertips than there used to be, which is a great thing. Finding it and keeping tracking of it is the main challenge these days!

Discerning what may be reliable or not can also be an issue, so I’ve tried to be as discerning as I can. There may be articles not listed that you would otherwise expect; it may well be that I simply haven’t seen it (feel free to contact me and let me know!), but equally it may be that I don’t particularly rate it…

So anyway, here’s the new page, and I hope it comes in handy. As always, I try to make sure that links are up to date and in working order, but sometimes with the sheer amount of links I’m dealing with, I might miss it. Do feel free to report any broken links.